Monday, October 15, 2012

Be part of the Solution - Become a Member of Fashion Moves

Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs membership invitation

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This past summer we were all able to watch some of the World’s best disabled athletes competing in the Paralympic Games in London. What a great show of Skill and Ability!
As you followed these events, did you ever stop to wonder what each of these World Class Athletes do when they are at home? Are they teenagers still living at home and attending School or University? Are they Mothers and Fathers, living with their partner and children? Are they Doctors, Lawyers, NeuroScientists, Clerks or office workers?

All of this leads us to the main question – What are their clothing needs and where do they find quality, stylish, professionally made AND functional clothing???? Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs members will fill this need.

We invite everyone who has an interest in creating quality clothing and Fashion service for Individuals with disabilities, to join us in this work.

Some of the benefits of joining Fashion Moves include (but are not limited to) :
A directory of like minded individuals and companies to share ideas with
Fashion Moves will organize and provide mini educational courses on new textiles, sewing needle choices and other technical issues, design, marketing, disability related garment design needs, etc.
Discounts with core suppliers
Fashion Moves will work to gain a voice to the overall Fashion/Garment Industry ; the NIH and other Health Care players and individuals in the disability community. With this voice, we will speak in support of the benefits of Adaptive Clothing and the need for a strong, Global Adaptive clothing community

Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs organization will support
Individuals with disabilities
Adaptive Clothing Designers
Adaptive Clothing companies
Models with disabilities
Individuals who care for and support Individuals with disabilities
Related disability support organizations

Your Membership and support of Fashion Moves Inclusive Design will help to show the World our dedication to support Individuals with disabilities and support their lives. Join today. Become part of the next major niche in the garment industry.

Please review the Membership opportunities on our website, I look forward to your contributions to this overall work. Feel free to share this with others you feel will be interested.

Join today.

Chat soon.

Ruth J Clark
Fashion Moves Inclusive Designs or
250-314-1849 (Western Canada)