About Fashion Moves

Over the years the Fashion Industry has successfully recognized the design needs of the Big&Tall and Maternity customers. These well developed niche markets now account for Billions of dollars of sales each year. The Fashion needs of one group that is yet to be addressed is that of People with disabilities. In 2012 the Paralympics will be held in London. Most of these world class athletes have a day job as well and need clothing that addresses the use of prosthetics or wheelchairs ; single-hand function or a wide range of other issues.
Where do these athletes and others with disabilities find clothing designed for Fashion and to meet their needs?
This is the goal of Fashion Moves. We will convene a conversation between Designers, Paralympic and Amateur Athletes, Business professionals, parents and kids.
Through our future Internet Radio programme we will provide design ideas and reveal the lifestyles of many active People with disabilities. Garment, Fashion and Textile Industry news and tidbits will lead at the top of the show.
Listen to our show on BlogTalkRadio at:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fashionmoves

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