How YOU can help!

How you can join the fun?
Fashion Moves is moving forward and growing.  We are excited about working with both Models of Diversity and the Design for All Institute of India in 2011 and into the future.  Who knows what additional collaborations will be forged throughout the year.
There is room for others to jump in and join in.  I will list a few of them now and add to the list as the year goes on.

v     The Fashion Moves Competition is looking for assistance to secure advertising contracts.  Companies that advertise with us will have a full year of visibility, World wide.  Ideally we will have advertising sponsorship support from every Continent, mirroring the Global reach of Fashion Moves.  There will be a commission paid on each contract secured and more than one person is welcome to work on this.  Or, if you have a company yourself, contact me directly about our advertising rates.

Private individuals are welcome to show their support for this work as well and contribute.  All individual contributions will be recognized on the blog and at events we are involved with through the year.
Learn how at

v     Do you think the blog site needs to be jazzed up?  If you have graphic art skills, let me know and you can help with the site.
That’s all for now.   If one of these looks interesting to you drop me a note.