Design for All through Universal Design

March 1, 2011
This Special Issue of the Design for All Institute of India e-zine has been published.  You can find it at:

Design for All Institute of India
Newsletter –  Volume 6 : Issue number 2, February 2011
Clothing - Designing for Full Inclusion of People with disabilities
Guest Editor – Ruth J Clark
Fashion Moves

Table of Content:

Chairman’s Desk by Dr. S. Bhatia
p.     2
Guest Editor : What is in Your Clothes Closet? By Ruth J Clark
p.   20
One Size Does NOT Fit All by Ruth J Clark
p.   29
Empathy Not Sympathy Helps Inclusiveness by Dr. Peter Gibilisco
p.   51
Fashion Points to Ponder by Ruth J Clark
p.   60
One University in the Eastern United States Helped Make Its Campus Community Aware of Clothing Adapted for Persons with Special Needs by Dr. Maureen Roberts
p.   65
Healthy Ageing With a Disability by Jo-An Partridge
p.   77
GET A LIFE! By Jo-An Partridge
p.   84
Dynamics of Disability by Dr. Chaz Holder
p.   92
Converting Fibers into Woven Technical Products by Louis Franconi
p. 102

Glossary of Common Textile Terms
p. 117

News and Announcements
p. 139

Ruth J Clark - Guest Editor
Fashion Moves

859 Battle Street
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada  V2C 2M7


I have been invited to work with the Design for All Institute.  Their goal
is to encourage Universal and accessible design of consumer products, urban
design and buildings.  It is my pleasure to expand their scope to include
the concept of Clothing as a topic of accessible design.  I have been
invited to compile and co-edit a special issue of their monthly magazine, to
be published in February 2011.  This issue will look at all aspects of
clothing and textiles products as they relate to health, disability and
active lifestyles.  This is an opportunity to encourage the Fashion/Garment
Industry to start to design and provide functional clothing that still looks

For many people with a degree of physical disability, clothing and the
current garment industry remains a significant barrier in their daily lives.
There can be problems with small buttons on shirts/blouses ; zippers on
winter jackets ; casual and dress trousers that will not pull up over leg
braces or prosthetic legs ; clothes in general that just do not work with a
wheelchair.  As we get older we are provided with fewer age appropriate
choices in design and colour, while still allowing us to look our best. How
easy is it for the Grandmother, or even the Great Grandmother of the Bride
to find a series of outfits for the Wedding weekend?   A student completes a Masters level degree yet can not find Professional, business clothing that can be worn while using a wheelchair, for job interviews.  These are just a few
concepts and I am sure you can identify more.

We are inviting submissions on all topics that surround this issue.  From
wearers of the clothing ; family and friends ; work place colleagues ;
caregivers ; garment and textile designers ; store owners (physical and
virtual) ; Rehabilitation personnel ; Primary physicians and other medical
staff ; Event planners and others in the Entertainment industry ; the Travel
and Hospitality Industry ; Employers Councils ; K-12 and Post Secondary
personnel .  In other words, from everyone. Pro or Con.  If you have
already created solutions, please write about that.

Please contact me and let me know of your considered point of view on
clothing related issues as they relate to People with disabilities,  that
bug you (for yourself or someone you provide caregiving for).  We are also
looking for pictures to illustrate the problems.

More information about the Design for All Institute of India and their past
issues of their electronic newsletter can be found on their website:
We look forward to hearing from you.  Drop a line and add your comments to this opportunity.